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Ok, I know there are roblox players in the Episode Community, if you are, answer this question. lol

Your friend on roblox, comes and tells you, that your roleplay boyfriend is a girl who plays your roleplay boyfriend as a male character. How would you feel? I KNOW THERE IS A LOT OF PERSONS WHO DOES THIS XDDDDDD


I’d probably start laughing then just shrug

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your friend is angry at that person and was shocked

I am sitting here like, "what’s the big deal anyway, PPL DO IT ALL TIME

i meannnnn i tried it once sooo lmao im not surprised. i promised it’s just once :eyes: it’s just a roleplay anyway :joy: it’s been ages since i last play Roblox though :thinking:

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we should totally play together sometimes lmao :joy:

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whats your roblox name? I’m Stormurv.

@Sydney_H close. :wink:

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Topic closed by OP request. :smiley: