Tell me storys where you can choose gender and sexual orientation


Anyone knows?


There’s a popular story that you may have already read called “Mr. or Mrs. Right” (I think that’s the title - I may be slightly off).


Or that black history story called “[Something] Design”
I don’t know the full title, sorry.


I know that, thanks


@FallenAngelNight13’s wonderful Gallelio School of Magic! Choose gender, powers, sexuality! It is so amazing :smile:


I just finished the first chapter and I believe Gallelio School of Magic is going to be awesome!
More reviews when I am done reading.


Yay! Glad you liked.


I am little less than halfway through. This story is awesome. Very interactive.
Since you were spot on with this recommendation, @EpisodeGirl: I would love to read some others you might have.
Thanks again! (back to reading School of Magic)


Of course! I’m currently working on making some actual, good stories, but one I have is The Girl From Neptune. I don’t know if youd think its very good, though, and there’s no gender choice…


Thanks! I added your story to my favorites to read, as soon as I’m done with the current one.
Btw, I followed you so I can see your new releases, when they are done. I can’t wait. Best of luck to you.


Oh, yay! Thanks! Hope you enjoy, and i will follow you back.


oof been mentioned… but I will be honest I don’t allow people to pick till 16 (sexuality) but on the upside I included Bisexual, Pansexual and Asexual (with Romance preference for Ace) … x-x


Absolutely freaking amazing story. I was completely engrossed from the beginning to the latest chapter. I can’t wait to read more! I loooove Azura. I hope she is alright. She’s definitely my favorite character, besides my MC, of course.


Galileo School of Magic looks amazing… I’m loving it!

But theres more storys? I’m only reading 3.




Feening. By the same author of Mr. or Ms. Right :relaxed:


Hey there! I have two. Heir to My Heart has a sexuality option, and Domino Effect has a gender option! Hope you enjoy them!


Thanks! I’ll give Heir to my Heart a read.