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I’m writing a story about how a guy and a girl go into a haunted place which the girl finds something about old memebers of the home when she realized the girl who used to live there was murdered and is looking for closure. The girl who first went in there will stop at nothing until she figures out what happened to the girl.

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It’s a really interesting idea, but, what kind of “closure” is the girl looking for? Is the rest of her family alive, possibly on the run?


I really like your idea! You could do great stuff with backgrounds and overlays :heart:
When I’m writing I’m constantly asking myself why. So in your case, I would like to know why the girl was murdered, is there an important backstory to it? ANd why is the girl going into the house so driven to find out what happened? Is there a link between her and the murdered girl? Or is she linked to the haunted house?
Good luck with your story!

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