Tell me where to go from here

So I’m stuck. I’m trying to transition from a childhood flashback into a somewhat present day scene. More specifically it goes from the MC hiding out with his sister while their family life is basically crumbling. His sister is the one holding him up and comforting him at this point. Then switch to the present time, he’s heading to school amidst rumors that his GF has cheated on him.

Right now I have him and his friends walking and talking with a couple of responses to choose from and then it ends there.

Someone help me make sense of my own ideas lol thanks

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How about someone comes and kind of attacks him on the subject (some kind of blunt comment on the rumours), and his sister (if she goes to school with him) walks up to defend him and comfort him like she always has in the past?
Something like that… it would establish another link between past and present ? :slight_smile:


Ooooh that’s good!

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