Tell me your characters details and name and I'll put them in my story

Hi, My name is Yasmine and I give u a chance to be featured in my story (not publisher yet but soon )
All I want from you is the character’s details and name (You can give me more thaan 1 character feel free)
And Thank you Loves.:heart:


What’s the style?
Ink? Limelight? :sunny:



Okay This character will be featured in my story for sure
Thanks And when I publish my story I’ll tell you so you can see it yourself And if you don’t mind I will write your name like character shout out goes to Lady-Mehek is that fine by you ?

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I don’t need a mention, but it’s up to you haha
I’ll read it when it comes out ^-^!

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Okay Thank you …:heart:

Name - Deshae
Hair - Beach Wave Hair (punky purple)
Face - Soft Heart
Eyebrows - Seductive Arch
Eyes - Upturned Bold
Nose - Soft Natural
Mouth - Full Round (taupe)
Skin - Honey

Possible outfit:
Skater Girl Black Sneakers
High Waisted Jeans New
Silver Pendant Necklace
Gray Panel Cropped Hoodie

Btw I wrote a story called Freakish if you want to check it out

Okay thank you

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btw i will check your story

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Can I choose the outfit ?

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New outfit <3

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Here and I didn’t find the outfit for real I don’t know why

And this is proof I didn’t find the outfit Sorrryyyy so much

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Hey, I’m Vivainah. Here are my details.

Skin tone: light
Face shape : soft heart
Hair : rebel half shaved (chestnut brown)
Eyes : upturned bold (black)
Eyebrows : defined natural
Nose : eleven
Mouth : classic (ruby red)

I hope I’ll be in your story!!!

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You will 100% Be btw you look stunning when I’ll finish I’ll tell you

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Awwwwww thanks girl :heart::heart:
I’m waiting for the story!!! I’ll be the 1st one to read it… Don’t forget to message me when it’s out, I’m waiting!! :blush:

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Oh my god thanks sooo much :heart::heart:

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WELCOME TO THE FAMILY … I hope you like ur new outfit cuz I’m in love with it

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:heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I’m in love with this!!!

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Name - Anisha
Hair - Straight (Cayenne)
Face - Oval
Eyebrows - Seductive Arch
Eyes - Upturned Feline (Brown)
Nose - Elven
Mouth - Full Round, Toffee.
Skin - Tan


My outfit could be:

Black Short Pencil Skirt
Wedding Top Lace - Sonoma Blue
Baby Blue Pastel Platform Boots

Anisha Xx