Tell me your favorite places to find new stories to read

Hi everyone.
I was wondering, when you are looking for new episode stories to read where do you go to?

How do you find new episode stories to read?

Everyone can reply with their answers, thanks.

I’m asking because I recently wrote a story but I can’t seem to reach new readers.
Where do people look when they are trying to find an interesting episode story to read :thinking:

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Well, if you’d like for someone to read your story then a good way to do it are read4reads. And do that under “Promote Your Story”.


Hey Toyocee7,

I usually find new stories at Facebook, Instagram and at this forum. As an author I can give you a few advices for promotion:

  • Join R4R’s at this forum (or at Instagram);
  • Ask for reviews and proofreading at this forum;
  • If you need help don’t hesitate to ask for it at this forum;
  • Don’t expect a huge amount of readers immediately;
  • Take breaks during writing (it helps a lot, especially when you have writer blocks);
  • And don’t give up writing!
    For the rest don’t hesitate to ask me for help, too. Instagram: @angelwings_1983.

Good luck and stay safe,

Love A-W


Yeah I do read for reads.

I’ll continue them.
Thanks :two_hearts:

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Thank you very much for this :heart:

I’ll try what you have suggested.

Do you know anyone that proofreads on this forum?

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@Catniss is available → go to this shop and read the rules (before you fill in the form). :wink:


Thank you :heart:

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If you have an Episode instagram account, you try using community groups. Almost all groups have review, shoutout or story of the week/month. That’s always a way to get more reads as these pages have higher reach and this also helps you get feedback on your story



I check out my favorite author’s recommendations list on the app a lot!

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Oh okay, thanks

I go to the romance genre on the app or in the ‘stories we love’ section.
Also, I check author’s recommendations as well.
Reddit, tiktok and forums are also a way I add stories to my shelf.
If you have the bookclub feature, you ask team mates there or check out their profile to see stories.

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Thank you