Tell me your most awkward/funny moment!

Because we’re all in quarantine there is not much to do. Exept for playing episode and writing stories!
So throw a smile on people’s faces by sharing your most awkward/funny moment!
Can’t wait!


One of my (female) teachers once told to an other teacher (male teacher) in front of the whole class (so everyone heard it) that I was on my period and that was the reason why I didn’t feel well at the moment and was a bit moody.
It was so embarrasing and I was so angry at the female teacher who told it.

When the male teacher was gone (probably traumatized for life, I wonder what he thought :joy:), I ran to the female teacher and yelled WHY DID YOU SAY THAT?! THAT WASN’T NECESSARY!

I told my friends and my mother and they were laughing so hard and now I can laugh too, but my God, I’ve never felt so embarrased :woman_facepalming: :rofl:


Wow! That is really embarrasing! I’m glad you can laugh about it. I would probably be pissed forever. :rofl:


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