Tell me your opinion

I’ve published my story and i want your opinions about it !
it is called “Hide your heart”
i hope that you enjoy it !!

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Girl, your directing is ok, but your grammar is all over the place! I’m sorry but to be blunt, if a story has horrible grammar I wouldn’t read it. English may not be your first language, so maybe try writing in your own language or ask someone to help you write English.

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thank you very much !

She didnt do nothing. she read your story. she just said that people wont read it if you wont get your grammar right?

She did… how would she know your grammar is bad huh sis?

I have so much people who told me that there is no problem with my grammar

well i dont know

If you want to make sure just read the fist line of my story ad tell me if there is grammar problem

i do notice that you have bad grammar because: “She didnt read my story” , What is wrong with the grammar you didn’t read it how did you know
I hate the liars so you better stop hurting people!

Okay thanks !

Then would you help me correct my grammar ?

You need to practice

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