Tell me your tips and tricks!

I’ve been on part of the Episode community for a while now. I’ve written and coded countless you stories (that mostly failed btw). And I always think to myself, “What are they doing that I am not doing?”
So dear friends,
What are some things you have done to make the “Perfect” (I use quotation marks because nothing is perfect) Story?
For example:

  • I heard some authors plan the whole story out, then directs.

  • Maybe if there is any website you use to help with writing!

  • Maybe some ways to get your story out there!

So please,
Share your process, your journey, troubles, and tribulations!!

Don’t hesitate to tag popular authors!!


So, before I respond, what makes a “perfect” story? Success? Or how well the story is written and directed? Because if it success, I can’t help you too much haha (Although I imagine finishing the story, or having it somewhat-mostly finished, and then releasing in batches works well), but if it is writing a well-written story, that comes with a) loving your story idea, b) dedicating the time and energy to making the story a reality, and c) being proud of your story.
Also practice!! Almost no one has a perfect story on their first try.


Thanks for the tip :blush:

i do believe it’s only on how it’s written.

If you can write it good, I believe you’ll ATLEAST, be at a rough 7+ for alot of people.

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Having characters that readers can instantly love or hate to give the story more context and amusement. A character that would persuade you to read more episodes tbh

Or if the characters are cuties :wink:

I’ll shut up now :cowboy_hat_face:


I agree :wink:

I write out my ideas first. Then I test what works and doesn’t work.