Tell stories about your fake friends in the past or present 🙄

Hey peeps

So I have my share of fake friends in the past, but what about you guys? I will share a story on one of my fake friends which is still happening right now in my life but. Share your fake friend stories, remember if it has to do with forums tell the story but don’t name anyone, and DONT START DRAMA

Have fun spilling tea :heart:

One of my current experiences which I kind of need advice on…

Okay, so I have this “best friend” who always gets mad at me and all of that, so yesterday I told her on a note (she was currently mad at me for no reason) that I didn’t want to be her best friend anymore.

Exactly what the note said
This is super hard to say, but i’m not sure I want to be your best friend anymore, and I have my reason. First off, you always get mad at me for stupid things but when I get mad at you for stupid things you act as if i don’t experience that shit close to everyday. I’ve also heard you have said rude things about me behind my back. In situations like these, I feel very frustrated and sometimes cry.
I hope you understand

So i give that to her and she reads it, and is so like i guess sad.

This is what she wrote back to me (not exactly everything bc i forgot)

I’m sorry if i ever felt that way. I always get bothered and TBH the only annoying thing about you is your voice. Even though I have a weird way of showing It I don’t want to lose you or kris (my other real best friend)

I wrote back and ngl i lowkey felt bad but after she replied to this i didn’t rlly.

Its whatever, but still i’m saying all of this because I don’t want to keep dragging you along. and we might even be bestfriends after break again who knows. But I guess as couples would say, "We are taking a break"

Her reply that made me mad
I wrote that long ash paragraph and I have to wait after a 2 week break?

And she put this under that
-The girl who cut herself after school

If i’m going to be honest, after giving her that note I just wanted her to be like… “okay” and not care but she just had to lmao. Today, in the morning she was cutting herself then laughing, then she showed kris my real bestfriend, and was like smirking, i’m not trying to be rude but honestly I think she was cutting herself knowing kris would be like “ohmygosh stop!” mind I know she said I gave HER depression, how in the actual hell did I give that girl depression. Literally I took her in my friend group last yr when she was new and now she’s trying to kick me out of it. Like literally i’m so scared to lose kris at this point. I have known kris since i was like in 1st grade so it’s been MANY years. But yeah I was so annoyed… and she just came back to me as if I didn’t tell her I didn’t want to be her friend anymore. Like i dont know what to do. UGHHHHH i just need to rant



So this girl was just being really jealous and disrespectful, SHE THREW MY NOTEBOOK, SPIT ON IT, LICKED IT,TORE OUT PAGES,ATE SOME OF IT


“Ate some it” i dont thats healthy…


:laughing: She deserved to go to the hospital for eating that notebook paper.
At least she’s still alive, so technically that’s not cruel right? It was her choice to eat it :laughing:

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pulls out list of past experiences

This one is short, but this is what comes to mind. I a friend who always third wheeled me tho I was her ‘sister’.

Oh Fallen, you can tell me anything. You are like my sister
Sorry Fallen, but I’m going to third wheel you with every friend I have

So much for being a sister… :stuck_out_tongue:


All I did was extend her headphones which she can still fit




:laughing: Lmao

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I had a few fake friends…but only a few were really ridiculous.
The first one stalked me and when I found out he was like, oh I’m just checking on the flowers here
That was so ridiculous, he’s ALLERGIC to flowers.
I blocked him and ran all the way back home.
Then I saw him again watching me swim with my family.
After that, I saw him back at school and he BACKSTABBED me and said I punched him for no reason.


I remember this girl I was really good friends with in sixth grade. She was really really nice until she played a really bad prank pretending to be one of my crushes. I told her we weren’t friends anymore and she HATED me for it. I’m like “Bish, I don’t give a FUUUUUUUDGE” (let’s keep this story PG.)
After a few months of hatred for each other, she texted me one night apologizing. Me, being the naive and cough cough stupid cough cough Accepted her apology and we were good.

All good, right? LOL NOOOOOO

The next year, 7th grade AKA, 12 and 13 years old, she was caught having sex with some 8th grader in the boys restroom. After that, I was just done. I’m not being friend with a hoe. She moved away after that year and I never heard from her again to this day.

That’s right, I just spilt the tea.:clap:t5::+1:t5::v:t5::ok_hand:t5::coffee:
Spice of life moment, brought to you by Turtle Cat.

Just now realizing how extra that story was.


It may be extra but I love it, HONESTLY IDK what to do with this bish who I call my best friend. bc like ooof, so many problems.

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This was when I was in that time that I thought I had to get to know everybody atleast in order to make my conclusions on them :smiling_imp:.

So I started talking to this girl who was genuinely nice and funny at the same time, let’s just call her … H .

One day I planned out hanging around with my friends (who are male btw) and talk about the avengers movie . They were the kind that would make jokes about everything and the fact that I accidentally called black widow , black window … There was a whole discussion :sweat_smile:

And one part of my brain was like , oh I might as well invite H … BOI WAS I WRONG!!!

I brought H along with me then … She looked at my friends then looked back at me and said
"I never knew you were giving me a hottie!"

I’m not gonna bother explaining the rest for I believe I have proved enough with how fake she was … We don’t ever talk and apparently she’s moving out of the City soon



the dab part,… idk what to say lmao. I’m glad for you that you guys separated, I want to leave my fake friend soo bad but its so hard for meeeeeeeeee


They can cling to you really easily and seem like they’re exposing themselves just for you when really, they’re only feeding you on secrets to keep you :unamused:


I know, and I don’t want her secrets, and If I leave her she’s just going to go to my real bestfriend Kris, even tho she constantly is talking shit about her. :unamused::roll_eyes:


Omg yeah !! I had a more difficult situation with a fake friend that involved me having a war between my real friends and me


7 years. I had a best friend for s-e-v-e-n years. We did everything together. Sleepovers, trips into the city, food, you name it. Then comes the dreaded 7th grade. I remember asking her if she wanted to go out for Halloween with me again (mind you we didn’t live that close so we had only done it once or twice before) and this girl says "No I don’t really want to, I go with you like every year. I want to go with other people. like… b-i-c-t-h and I went with like a bunch of other people the ONE time before so don’t give me that crap. As the year goes on she just starts ignoring me more and more and since we had the same friends, she took them with her and left me alone. One of the big things that gave me anxiety. I was really outgoing and energetic before that, and after it all went down, I never talked to anyone and still have trouble doing that today.

I know she didn’t have the best home life. It wasn’t really bad, but her parents were split up and her and her siblings didn’t get along too well. Still, if anything was going on, I wish she would’ve just talked to me instead of leaving me friendless in what was already an awkward year.


That sounds awful but like you said We cant start Drama so im not gonna say much except that I haven’t really made or met any fake friends before and I don’t think I want to nobody should have to go through that!:unamused:


So of my sophomore year of high school my 3 best friends all had a crush on the same guy. (They each confessed to me separately) So they all didn’t know they liked him and I just had to keep my mouth shut. These girls would not stop talking about them, and I had no idea who this guy was considering I didn’t know what he looked like and never had any classes with him. Until one day my friends decide to make a group chat with him (me included). :roll_eyes: And after that single encounter, THROUGHT TEXT keep in mind, he started to become really obsessed with me. I know it sounds like I’m exaggerating or fluffing my ego, but suddenly the girls are now talking about how he won’t shut up about me. He somehow found my house address, my clothing size (my friends didn’t even know my clothing size), my mom’s phone number, and even past drama that the girls never even knew about !!! I don’t know just seemed at least little bit creepy to me considering I’ve never even met this kid. And the funniest part of it all was my friends were still head over heals for him despite his serial killer attributes. The story goes on, but that’s the tea. :tea: