Tell us what you’d prefer in an Episode Story

I’ve been wanting to ask the community.

Have you seen how stories work? I’d like to ask the Episode Community of what story introductions do you like better? It’s from:

-Starting the Story with Splashes and Customization.
-Starting it with something that’s in the Main Characters past.
-Showing the outcome of the story in the begging.

What do you guys prefer to be in a story and why??


Honestly, the one thing that makes me a bit annoyed is when the LL is introduced in like 2 minutes. At the very beginning. Perhaps, in Episode 2 or at the end of Episode 1.

I really don’t care if it doesn’t have Customization, I just want to get to the story! :laughing: Splashes, I sort of do. Because, sometimes I forgot about "TURN UP YOUR VOLUME! or “TAP SLOWLY!” Etc.

Tbh, for stories that are Romance or Drama. I can sometimes predict the ending, especially the ones that have “CHOOSE YOUR LOVE INTEREST.” stories. For choices that matter stories, I love those type of stories.

This is my opinion. You can do whatever you want!


I’ve never experienced a LL story and I get what you’re saying and it’s very easy to understand how romance and Drama story endings. Thank you for sharing your opinion and thoughts about this discussion. :grin:

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  • I don’t mind Splashes & Customization in the beginning as long as it’s not 10 seconds per scene. Like, it does not take me 10 seconds to read THIS STORY USES SOUND. I prefer perhaps like a tap to continue splash or just a narration bubble - especially when it’s every episode.
  • I don’t like CC as the first thing you see when you enter a story, but I also understand one might find it awkward if the CC was a couple scenes in. I guess I don’t have a preference of when it is, it really depends on the story. Several back to back CC’s I don’t like very much either, but it’s no big deal.
  • I’ve only seen the outcome of a story in the beginning once and it was good because it kept the reader curious how the MC got there. The author did an amazing job of not giving everything away.

Unlike what’s been said above, if the genre is romance, then I’d like the LI to be introduced in the first episode. It doesn’t have to be face to face, but perhaps a scene from the LI’s point of view or the LI on T.V. -


You make a great point, after what you’ve pointed about your opinion I agree with you.

Sometimes I feel different when authors quickly get to Customiztion , strongly because some readers like me are often confused. :smile:

If there are some authors out there that are starting off, they’d find this Thread quite helpful from my point of view and Thank you for sharing. :slightly_smiling_face: