Tell your readers customise character

Hi so I’m still very new at this and I don’t know how to let my reads customise character I also can’t work out how to write my main character change your hair and make up any of you help me please I’m working in ink. P.s Iv only got to 1000 Lines In my Episodes just in case the options I have

You can use templates.

Thank you

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Click on image then click on image and hold while dragging it down until you see this: image Click on image if you want a female customization template or image if you want a MALE customization template, you can use both of at anytime whenever you to use in the script no matter what – unless you have too many lines in your script then never mind that, it may be time to slit the episode into two – LITERALLY, :star_struck:

Check out:

You can find many customization templates here (remember to give credit, if you use) and there are also instructions on this post for things like what to do if you get an error and a fast easy simple way to change the character’s name to yours-the one that is being customized.

Ink female customization template:

Just for future reference, you know, in case you’ll need it :grin:

And to make the MC change their hair and makeup:
Check out the limited customization templates here:

On here, read the post and click on:

Hope this helps!

P.S I wish I knew about @ Dara.Amarie 's customization templates before because I could have used them : (
But instead I spent hours, sleep deprived, making my own :frowning:
Oh well, can’t take back time!

Anyways, it will save you a lot of time if you use hers-she’s a wonderful person in this community and so helpful :sunglasses::orange_heart:

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