TELVOIKAI READERS- Endings, and possibly an 'extended director's cut'

First- If you are reading Telvoikai and have not finished but plan to, STAY AWAAAAY! This will be full of spoilers. I’ll flag them in my OP but if people reply they may not want to keep doing that. ^^’


Readers! I have had a handful of people tell me they would like to see just a little bit more detail on what happens the characters after the story ending. I had left the endings mostly open ended for a few reasons, some being:

  • Some endings adding an extra scene would be very short and very sad. For example, if the MC ends up in one of Divyan’s chambers.

  • There are a LOT of love interests, and I didn’t really want to force you to choose, preferring to allow you to imagine how it may go afterwards in some situations. Ex: If you end up on the ship with, say, your friend and Gaven both romanced. Does it end with polyarmory?

  • There are a LOT of various endings. Partially my fault, but I wanted to test the limits. If you aren’t aware just how many there are, here are just a few examples: On the island with an angry Igbael so you end up turning into a sea creature, Gaven romanced but he flew away on the ship. <- the same thing, but LYIRDAN romanced, and he’s sad you are in the water now. <- the same thing but Igbael is HAPPY and allows you to avoid being a sea creature, and you romanced Lyirdan AND Gaven but Gaven turned into a sea creature and…
    Or… you never left the ship.
    Or… you are in the ocean.
    Or… you are in the ship and very infected so you are in a container, and so is your lover Gaven, sadly watching each other from across the room.

As you can see, there are a LOT of possibilities. I might be able to write an extra snippet or two, but either I would have to force you to decide on some things to minimize writing, OR it would have to be fairly short, as I would need… a lot of snippets.

SO- What do you think? Is there an ending that you just really, really want to see? Some specific information you felt I left out that you would like to know about? Would adding just a paragraph or two explaining what happens after, or perhaps a FAQ about it help? Please let me know!

Negative feedback is totally welcome as well, as long as it isn’t just “Ur story sucks Ur ending sucks”, because I can’t really do much that, it is decidedly unhelpful. Thank you for anyone who takes time to reply!



I had no idea your endings were so different.

Personally, I prefer open endings, but now knowing there’s one where MC and Gaven are both infected in containers… I have to say I would love to see a snippet of this.

FAQ might be handy too, because I’m sure people probably have hundreds about how certain choices affected the story line… And after learning there is so many endings, I wouldn’t knock back an extra episode just for the FAQs lol.


Yeaaaaah, there are a lot. I mean… including love interest combinations… oof. They range from quite dark and depressing, like the one you mention, to quite happy where you have arms full of multiple lovers laying out on the beach , lol.

Still… a very vague backdrop with a paragraph or two explaining what happens might be appreciated? And then after that perhaps a FAQ that explains just how many endings there are, as well as what all could happen, so people maybe understand more just how complex it is yet get to at least know what ‘would probably’ happen?


Ok, now I want to see a snippet of that one too! I am so disappointed with myself. I feel like I was just happy with my ending because it seemed like the “good one” - one of the water creature ones but I missed out on all the interesting ones hahahahaha

I vote yes for paragraph explanations and the FAQs. Tbh, it’s just nice you’re trying to give readers something, even if you can’t show them every single ending, because a lot of authors would just be telling people to re-read it hahaha

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I’m pretty sure it is impossible to get every single ending combination on the app… maybe, anyway? It’s why I allowed rereading of the final Episode. Hmmm. I will think on adding a paragraph snippet and it sounds like regardless I should add a FAQ. A FAQ would probably fit in the same chapter, too. I’ll work on something and wait to see if more people have feedback on what they were looking for, specifically. Thanks for answering :slight_smile:


Looking forward to it, whatever you decide

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So I’ll admit, I’ve replayed it 3 times now and gotten relatively the same ending. Since this is a spoiler thread, am I allowed to ask how to main points system worked? Or were each and every important decision (the ones recapped at the end of the chapters) flagged individually? I’m just a hungry content goblin who wants to see these hidden endings LOL (especially the one with Gaven and I both in a tank, that’s… heart wrenching and I love it)


Sure, why not? The various endings are determined by:

A. Your ship’s knowledge level. Every time you were honest with Caithe, every time you researched everything possible in the submarine dives, when you were honest with crew and captain… it would add up and increase your ship’s ‘knowledge’.
B. Your ship’s infection level. Every time you ate candy (assuming, of course, Gaven would continue to eat them), ate food on the island, etc., it would increase your ship’s infection level.
C. Igbael’s respect level. Did you tell him his island sucks? Did you avoid telling your ship much? Did you tell him off? …Or were you generally respectful and admired his planet?
D. How you treated people. This affects their personal relationship with you as well as potentially how they react to what you ask them to do in the final chapter. Ex: How’d that fork feel, Tormia?
E. WHO you ask to do various things in the final chapter. Ex: Sivel is actually immune to infection, because reasons heavily hinted at through the story. She’s a ‘freebie’ with the candy choice.
F. The most obvious- where you went. Sea or jungle.

Each of the above have a point, or two, or ten and they all add up slowly to give you the ending you choose. It is why some final chapter rereads may seem similar- your knowledge and infection are similar- but a full reread with vastly different choices may not be.

Feel free to ask me anything else, this IS an ending discussion thread after all. :slight_smile:


Igbael can turn you into a sea creature? Oh my god :joy: I never got that ending but that would be a cool one to do, imo.

Also, is it possible of you to add in that Igbael art you did into the game? Because it’s beautiful :sob:

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Haha well, technically… if you go to the island and he does NOT visit you and tell you otherwise, the bacteria WILL change you. The only thing that kept Lyirdan from changing is his magic.

As to the art… I could see it fitting in a certain spot, for sure.:grin:


I have gone in and extended the FAQ at the end to explain the various endings as well as how they are achieved. All you have to do is finish once and then you can click through to see what else can happen. Hopefully that helps anyone who wondered! :slight_smile:


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