Template customization help for a friend!

Hi I’m Angel M and my friend is having trouble with a template she copied from dara-amarie’s website it keeps saying the label “femlcc_custom_0” does not exist. Can someone please help I’ve been trying to help her with this as well but it’s a bit confusing. Thanks so much! :blush:


show me the script.

Dara Amarie has a few explanations on her website why stuff like that appears, your friend must have either deleted something or the character’s name is spelled wrong
I would suggest to delete it and copy and paste it again :blush:

She told me she deleted the old one and copied a new template to her script and it said the same thing again. She copied the no skin/eye/ and hair color template

She sent me a picture of the script but I don’t know how to show or send it to You on here.

If you have the screenshot on your computer, you can just drag it into the window where you type in your response, we can’t really help without a screenshot

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here’s the screenshot of her script


Not sure what is wrong here, @Dara.Amarie

Thanks for your help :two_hearts:

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I couldn’t figure it out either from this pic, thanks for your help though :two_hearts:

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That’s the very first label and first part of the template. Your friend must have deleted that label by accident


Yeah she told me that she didn’t add a label to the template, she figured it out! Thanks so much for your help! :two_hearts: