Template for a crowd running and a seprate one of two people running and tripping


hi there! can someone please make me a template of a group of people running on EXT. GREEK GAMES TRACK LOOPING - DAY
and a separate script of 2 people running and them tripping over.
many thanks :slight_smile:


This helps you?

&CHARACTER1 spot 1.290 60 0 AND CHARACTER1 moves to layer 4 AND CHARACTER1 is run_athletic
&CHARACTER2 spot 1.280 100 0 AND CHARACTER2 moves to layer 3 AND CHARACTER2 is run_athletic
&CHARACTER3 spot 1.265 140 0 AND CHARACTER3 moves to layer 5 AND CHARACTER3 is run_athletic
&CHARACTER4 spot 1.285 200 0 AND CHARACTER4 moves to layer 2 AND CHARACTER4 is run_athletic
&CHARACTER5 spot 1.280 160 0 AND CHARACTER5 moves to layer 1 AND CHARACTER5 is run_athletic
&CHARACTER6 spot 1.290 40 0 AND CHARACTER6 moves to layer 0 AND CHARACTER6 is run_athletic
@pause for 3
@CHARACTER4 is run_fall AND CHARACTER5 is run_fall