Template For Montage?

Hey, guys!

I’m looking to have some kind of montage over the course of a week/two weeks. Just regular high schooler stuff. In school, at home studying, talking to friends, etc. I’m looking to put narration over it while the camera pans through it all. Ex: “The next few weeks were more or less the same…” and so on.

Does anyone know of a script template for something like this? I would give credit, of course.


I would love to help but please can you explain it a little more

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first animate the characters.
then write-
&pan to zone …
Make sure you use & at the start of the sentence and not @.
After that add the speech bubble.
I hope that helps

For the narration of the author, the name of the character is indicated as NARRATOR. And for the characters, the corresponding animation is prescribed

Where to use & instead of @

Is THIS kind of what you’re looking for? My code for it is pretty messy, but I can probably help you piece something together.

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When you write the “pan” command
write -
&pan to zone …
and not-
@pan to zone…

Yes, something similar! But I just want to show the main character (so one character, whereas you have two) going through the weeks with a montage!

Hey! So what I mean is, I want to show the next few weeks of my main character’s life. So I want to have different scenes of her in school, at home, talking to her friends, etc. while she narrates it saying, “The next few weeks were basically the same…” [scenes] “school, friends, work…” [scenes]

Not exactly that, but something with that vibe. I was looking to see if anyone had or knew of a script template for something along those lines!

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Hey! I appreciate you trying to help out! Totally my fault that I wasn’t clear enough on what I’m looking for. I’m wondering if there’s a script template somewhere for a montage of different scenes throughout a characters weeks. So that I can show the reader that time is passing without detailing every day, and without just saying, ‘Several weeks later’.

I hope that makes more sense!

@Grizli @Maya_Sagi

Oh I get it.
I have not seen one but there are template sharing threads on the forum and there are tons of templates there you should check those out

I see what you mean! I don’t really have a template for it, but I can probably help you create something if you aren’t sure where to start. Feel free to message me!

can you explain me what mean with “montage”? English is not my native language and I am not sure I imagine the same thing as you.

Do you mean like having more backgrounds and more scenes happening in the same time on screen - like for xample dividind the screen to 4 parts one homw, second school and so on?

No, not at the same time. Basically it would be a few different scenes, one after another, of the main character throughout two or three weeks, to show the reader that time has passed. And over those scenes, there will be narration of the main character saying, “The next few weeks were pretty uneventful, and pretty normal.”

so the point is that you want the narrator to hold on the scene while there are changing backgrouds and scenes?
Than the easies way that comes to my mind is to code the scenes normally as any other scene and make the narrator an overlay which you then will have in each scene.:woman_shrugging:

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