Hey guys, Can someone make a template for this cafe , not much crowded!!
background credit @amepisode

do you have a overlay of the counter?

hey so I noticed in Amepisode’s drive that her backgrounds shouldn’t be posted on forums, even with credit ;-; though I don’t know what’s the best suggestion when you want to ask for a template of characters in a background by amepisode

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Well I’m gonna to remove it

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Thanks @nayu.ep for saving my a** :woman_facepalming: :sweat_smile:

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lol, no prob!!
I think the best way to let people know what is the background to make a script template of is to follow this reply I found:

basically let them go to amepisode’s drive by going to linktree, accept terms then go to the background google drive.
Then click on backgrounds → cafes and restaurants → campus cafe to find the background hehe


Yeah, Thanks

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