Template required

can someone please help me, I’m trying to do a full customization for my MC in a new story but I have no idea how to do this, I did cop and paste one but it came up with to many errors. I’d like the customization to be remembered throughout my story, also how to allow the reader to choose their own name and it be remembered throughout the story. thankyou.

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Episode has their own templates, just go onto the script and scroll down towards script templates. :smile:


thank you Ill have a look

Also for the name part, I found a solution:
label name_avatar
What’s your name?
input What’s your name?|What’s your name?|Done(NAME)
label mc_customize
@CHARACTER spot 2.400 170 -520 and CHARACTER faces right and CHARACTER starts idle
if (NAME is “”){
You need a name! Gosh…
Try again!
goto name_avatar
} else{
What does [NAME] look like?

So in the future when you need to refer to the person’s name, just put [NAME] (you can change what’s in the brackets)
And if you want the name to show up on the bubble, change the display name to whatever you put in the brackets.

Like @Shadow_Physic said you should go to your character page. Then you change the YOU to FIRSTNAME and then it will show up as there name.