Temporary mini game shop

I love experimenting with mini games :joy::joy: dunno if thats sad or not.

  1. 1 mini game per person as this is only a temporary thing
  2. I cannot give time scales I work and I’m currently doing some online training and I will only be working on one game at a time
  3. I can’t make promises, I will try my best to make your mini game but if it’s too difficult then I’ll let you know and we can either come up with something else or whatever
  4. please credit me especially if it requires difficult coding
  5. I have the right to share the same mini game with other users if they want something similar however I will ensure that it looks different (uses different backgrounds, codes, overlays ect.)
  6. I take no responsibility in your overlays being rejected due to copyright.

before you ask for games I have already made the following

code game: overlay code game where you use tapeable overlays to enter a code (this was for another user so if you want to view this please let me know so that I can make small changes to keep the persons request personal to them)
I have also made 2 rotation puzzles which can be viewed here Mini game testers

EDIT: all coding will be done via PM but I will reply to the request letting them know it’s been accepted and then reply with done when the game has been completed so that others can see where I am with requests (whose been done and whose waiting.


Can I have a rock paper scissors game?

I already have overlays for it.

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sure PM me the details :slight_smile:

Completed awaiting working conformation

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