Tengo una Pregunta


I have a question, how do I add one of those temporary sign things in the script? It’s a message that goes down from the top of the screen, then goes back up in a few seconds. Usually authors use it to add points or unrelated things.


readerMessage then typed what you want


Like this

readerMessage 2am, Saterday night!


Oh gosh thank you!


You’re welcome, I didn’t know how to for the longest time.


I’m new to episode and so many things are confusing :joy:


I’m @AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE do you remember me


Yes its hard at first! Always happy to help you can always message me and I will try to help as much as I can!:slight_smile:


Thank you so much lol.


Haha oh hi there. Love your avi


I can’t really do art scenes but if you need a cover or a splash I can help you out with that also! :slight_smile:


Thanks, that’s really helpful. I most definitely will need help! :joy:


:slight_smile: Just let me know with what and I will! You’re welcome.