Tent background edit

This is an Episode featured BG, but I flipped it to fit my story. I was wondering if someone could create a day version of the same background? If the tent bedroom could be recreated whereas the bed is on the left side while facing right, both day and night versions with Three (3) zones, that would be even better. Thanks in advance!


I can do it though I’m a bit confused by your second question?

I hope this is doesn’t look too awkward, let me know if what me to change/add anything!


Hi there,
Thank you so much for assisting me with this request. The day version looks great! What I was referring to in the second part of my request, was for the tent bedroom to be extracted and made into a background like the one I’ve attached. I need day and night versions for it as well.


@akiya Do you think you’ll be to create the tent bedroom BG’s in day and night versions? Let me know.

You want this background into night version?