Terina’s commissions (open)

Hi there!
I’m an artist looking to make some art and extra money on the side.
I will happily draw your characters and backgrounds


Basic info & prices


Santa lucia :heart_eyes: its really pretty.


Oh hey your pfp is her too! Also thank you so much!


Yes. And your welcome :grin:


I love your art. Good luck and I bookmarked this for after I get paid, so I’ll see you next Friday hopefully.


Your art is so beautiful! I would pay if I had money. Would def recommend this to other ppl tho :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Aw thank you so much :sparkling_heart:

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so pretty!!! :heartpulse: :heartpulse: :heartpulse: also I have some questions to adk lol. Whats your payment method? When you say additional 50% off for the characters what do you mean? And lastly can you add the name if the title while doing th3 cover or that can’t happen?
Thanks in advance,

Hi there! Aw thank you I’m so glad you like my art. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I use PayPal for payment
With the additional character I mean that if you wanted 2 shoulder length character you would pay 10 for one and 5 for the other. making the prize for the characters 15 euro
And Yes, if you would like a title included in a cover I can totally do that :blush:

I would love a cover by you, are you still taking commissions? I’m not needing it yet but I would like to be prepared. :blob_hearts:

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Yes I am still taking commissions. Just let me know when you are ready and we’ll take it from there

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Hey, I’m so sorry but in this time I have found someone else but I will get another commission from you a different time because I love your art. :blob_hearts:

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