Terrible at portraying Romance

So I am personally terrible at portraying love within a story and I know that people love to have love interests and people within the story that have kind of a “special bond” so I was wondering if someone could give me some advice on how to make this happen.


What kind of story you are creating like vampire wolf or Seth ?

Okay so here are my tips and advice for you.
1. Avoid Cliches but not completely:
Every story could contain a few minor cliches which is totally fine, but when you include too many the story loses it’s spark. So please don’t start stories off with Mc bumping into the boy and they have a moment or with the boy suddenly noticing mc and feels like “I gotta have her”.
2. Small interactions matter
I don’t know about you guys but I love slow romances where the mc and the love interest meet and interact like normal people. Instead of making the mc falls in love at first sight, you could replace it with a more plausible thing like Mc and him working togather on something or sitting togather and slowly their romance blooms.
3. Slowly blossom their relationship
Instead of immediately introducing the love interest as a love interest try bringing them into the scenes and interact with mc. Also try to not give off the fact that they are a love interest at first sight. Once they have a moment or two the readers should slowly understand that the person is the love interest.
4. Don’t make the typical "bad boy"
This may be a bit biased but I would tell you to stay away from creating a bad boy who smokes ( like wtf smoking is not sexy! ) and a guys who sleeps around untill he sees mc.

I’m not a big romantic writer either but these are just some tips I have received. And by using them in my story I have some very pleased readers. :grin:


I’m not sure what kind of story you want to write, But firsly…
Have you ever been in love, had a crush?
If so, do you remember how it made you feel? How it all started? Take note of that and use as a foundation. I’m not saying you should write your own ‘love story’, just have it in the back of your mind when writing.
If not, then I’m sure you’ve encountered it in other forms. Else, to qoute a famous writer 'that’s what imagination is for"
Gather your inspiration. Watch, read and take notice to things that involve the subject you want to write about. (in this case love.) Ask the couples around you how they met. (friends and family are a great spring of inspiration)

Don’t rush it!
Real love seldom comes from zap - lightning strikes (sometimes it’s the opposite) even if it does occur, but is something that grows on you slowly. If it has no special point to your story, try to avoid it.
Better to develop the love story between the character slowly - to let it bloom - than to jump back and forth with it. I always get bored on that kind of stories. Now were together - now we’re not - then we are again and then we’re not… So confusing, tiresome and to be frank cliché.

Clichés can be good and bad, depending on their use. We all know them, and love to hate them. Use them with finess. What person doesn’t like a good, well written Romeo & Juliet story?

Don’t be to obvious with that there’s a love story between the characters. Love isn’t always something you have handed to you, but something you catch in between the lines. The smiles, the small touches and gestures you exchange between the characters. Let the reader discover the love themselves. To fill in the blanks you’ve created.

Don’t force it
Finally, remember - not all stories need love in them to be a good story, Even if I think most (myself included - won’t lie) want it to be incorporated. But it comes in so many shapes and sizes. Write what suits you, while still challenging yourself.

Hope this helped you somewhat. And good luck.



Thank you so much for this, I’ll take this into consideration when I write :slight_smile:

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Awe I never thought about it like that, I feel as with my plot it’s just harder to build a relationship because there is so much going on. I’ll definitely take this into consideration

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No my story is about a war.

Ohh…what kind of genre were u trying to create?

It’s a fantasy story

i’m 100% stealing that gif lmao

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It’s not really mine to take credit for - I’m just borrowing it also.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

is it for the contest?

Nah, it’s my personal story. I wanted to create one for the contest but I wanted to find a partner for it because I didn’t wanna do it solo but I didn’t so I’m not entering :slight_smile:

oh ok

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Does the main character have some power and she have to go to war

Yes they do

Do u want ur reader to suffer?

A good thing to do is too make plenty of branching choices. I find that it helps to get the reader to identify with the character if they make their own choices rather than be laid on a leash all the time

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