Test my mini games please

working on a story I need a few people to test my mini-games, there is four

@lanafrazer_episode @Problematic_Patrick @Baleigh_episode @Lynai @Scarlet_Sapphire @Emmzy


Just had a quick try out and omg they are amazing!!! I’ll have a play around with them to see if there are any bug but they look fantastic!!! If I do notice anything do you want me to reply here or pm you :slight_smile:


your welcome, though they work on points, especially the memory one so it might get glitchy in more turns.

and thanks. its hard work but I have found out I like to make them you make amazing mini-games too

and you can reply where you want to


great! I’ll test it

I just been told there is a mistake in the first mini game and it wont let you continuie I am trying to fix it

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oh okay! :wink:

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I removed the one there is not working because I cant figure out nothing seem to be wrong so you can try the others if you want to

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I played em. From what I played they are fine and work properly. The only thing is there’s no setback/punishment for mistakes and you just keep going, like in the car or code one, but if the sole purpose of those games is to get the chance to earn extra points, then that doesn’t really matter most likely.


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