Testing a few lines in portal issue

Hi, I’m having an issue where if I just want to test from a certain line in my script, it goes back to the very start of the scene. I have a scene that’s quite long and when I want to just test and run it from a certain line, it starts testing it from the very start of the scene and you can see the preview going through each line. It’s quite time-consuming when it doesn’t test it from the actual line I want to test it from like it used to do. This only happened to me recently. Any ideas how to sort this? Thank you.

For me it’s always been like this :see_no_evil: I guess the only way to stop it is to just place background & characters again just before the line you want test from?

I’m not sure if this will help, but an easy way to preview a specific scene is to tap “Navigation” in the preview section and then there should be a “scenes” button.

Also, are you using web previewer or mobile previewer?

Oh okay. They must have changed it 'cos when I was working on my first story, I never had this issue, and also with my second story. With my third one, I have it now and it’s so annoying. We should be able to test it from a certain line. Yeah, I’ll have to use the background thing for the moment. Hopefully they might sort this issue out. Thanks for the help Jade, much appreciated. I’ll use the background thing. <3

Hiya Jazzy, I’m using the web previewer. I don’t press the navigation button as I want to preview it from a specific line in my scene, not from the start of the scene.

Okay! I think I have an easy fix.
When I want to preview from a specific line, I usually pick the line I want to preview from (it’s best to pick the line starting from the beginning of the scene as to avoid any glitches) and then I press preview.

I pick the exact line I want to preview from, like for example line 10, and then I press preview and it tests it from the very start of the scene instead of that exact line. It’s not the exact line if I have to test it from the first line of the scene. I don’t know why they changed it. When I was working on my first and second story, I was able to test it from the exact line. Now they seemed to have taken that out. I really hope they sort it soon. Thanks so much Jazzy for the help. I appreciate it <3

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I do it so that I in writers portal simply click on the line I want to preview from (like if I want to add text - and then press preview button and it loads from that line…it even writes previewing from line xy…if it doesn’t work in you portal try to install another browser (like if you are in chomE try Mozilla) and test it there … if it works on another BROWIZER the problem might be in cookies catches and all the stuff within the browser itself.

I would suggest creating a duplicate scene below if what you need to preview.

That way, you won’t have the delay or an errors when the previewer has to run through everything that’s being skipped.

It’s a little bit of extra work, but until you can find a permanent fix, it may be helpful.

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