Testing A New Shelf: Recently Updated

Hello Episodians!

We’ve heard from authors and readers alike that regular story updates are critical to keeping your readers coming back to your story. To better connect readers to authors who have recently published episodes of their stories, we’re currently testing a new shelf for recently updated stories across all genres.

In the app, some readers may see a new shelf for Recently Updated stories in the Stories We Love section. Stories that appear on the Recently Updated shelves are stories that have added at least one new episode in the previous 7 days, and that have been approved by our review team. This shelf will regularly, and automatically, update to show the stories that fit the above criteria.

We’re hopeful that this will allow authors with currently updating stories to find a wider and enthusiastic audience about their content, and for readers to have an additional place to find great episodes.

If you have questions, concerns, or comments about the Recently Updated shelf, please contact our support team!

— The Episode Team


thats amazing

This sounds nice! Is it live now?

As we’re testing it, it’s live to some but not all readers. Apologies for any confusion!


Oh, that’s convenient

Cool, I see it!


This is great! When will it be live for all readers?

Will this include stories marked as “fully released” that get updated when new items get released, or will it only include ongoing stories that still have unreleased episodes?

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awesome news!

Great news to wake up to :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Great news! :heart_eyes:

I have a little suggestion :point_right:t3::point_left:t3: since this thread is about updates :new_moon_with_face:
It would be cool if we can turn on notifications about updates on a story from community. Or updates of an author in general :eyes:
I’m pretty aware that it would be hard to add it to the app XD and probably not top priority, but I believe it may help to increase retention for some stories :thinking:


Thought this thread might interest you:

This sounds like a great shelf. :flushed:


Ohhhh :eyes:

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Ok I love this new update!! The idea is amazing!! Finally most of us can agree on something lol!!

This is good to hear

I loved the idea of this shelf in the beginning, but it seems over time it has just turned into another trending shelf, some stories have been on the shelf even though they haven’t been updated in 30 days, and some stories will appear at the end of the shelf even if they were recently updated, and drop off within a day.


This Shelf is genius!