Testing is coming up!

If you don’t know, I am a 13 year old episode writer, who is in 7th grade. This means that I have testing coming up. I know that I am probably already doing the wrong thing by being on the forums at 9:00 at night, but I am starting to freak out! Any tips for the tests?


Study, study, study.
But take breaks as well so u don’t over-exhaust yourself.
And good luck.

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I don’t know what kind of tests you really have in 7th grade and where ever you’re from, but I’m 17 and I have matriculation tests going on, here are some stuff I find useful:

  1. Don’t over stress yourself, it will just prevent you from going anywhere, take it easy.
  2. Study a lot but don’t overdo it, you’ll just get exhausted and won’t get anything. It’s a good technique to study really a lot in a short period of time and then take long breaks like that, you stay focused more.
  3. try to read the material again and again until you remember most by heart, more or less memorize it, but don’t try to memorize it, try to sorta get everything stuck inside your head so in the test most will come naturally.
  4. Try not to panic that you don’t have time if you’re really up close to the test and just do what you can, if you’ll just panic you’ll get nowhere. If you’re at the forums at 9pm that doesn’t have to matter, you can spend some time on the forums and then go back to study, just try to be as calm as you can about it. I’ve had my fair share of right-before-test freak outs and that never helps, eventually I learned to just calm myself down and do what I can. Some is better than nothing.
  5. I don’t know if you have tests anxiety (since that’s pretty common, but not everyone gets it) but if you do, bring something to the test that calms you, like a snack, a sponge, a unicorn, it doesn’t matter, just something that will help you relax and if you’ll start to have a panic attack and start hyperventilating, force yourself to take deep breaths until you stop. (there was a test in my school the other day, it was sort of a preparation test for the big one but literally every kid in my class broke down and no one did the test including me, trust me, it can get bad, in case you’re thinking “that won’t happen, no way”)
  6. If the tests aren’t really important (which I doubt they are in 7th grade but still) it doesn’t really matter if you fail, so just do your best and remember that doesn’t actually matter and affects nothing. (ignore this if the test is actually really important)

This is a lot of ranting, but I hope I helped

Well I’m heading to high school in September but here are some things I did:

-sleep at a normal time if you sleep too late you won’t be as energetic in the morning so 9:00 is pretty good.

-while looking at the test don’t worry about all the non important part so always highlight so you can refer back to things.

-YOU NEED TO EAT so you won’t be thinking about food during the test and so that you’ll be able to pass.

-if you get a 2 on both exams you’re pretty much safe but if you get anything lower, you’re not safe at all

-don’t overthink it, remember it’s just a test, you can study but don’t put all your time and force yourself to study do it when you want to. Like study 3 hours a day and take breaks and deep breaths.


  • Don’t try to cram. If you cram a load of stuff into your brain, you might not even remember much of it, but if you spend time learning the crucial bits of each section, it may sink into your brain more.

  • Revise YOUR way. Maybe it helps to draw and write a poster with colours, maybe it helps to read over it a lot. For me, I find that making a poster helps, and also Quizlet. For language tests, I find that making rhymes help. Biology, as well. I still remember a lot about DNA from just making up rhymes and funny limericks from them.

  • Take breaks when you study. Even if you think you don’t need it, you will benefit.

  • Eat well on the day and the day before. Do not turn up hungry. And eat something filling and nutritious.

  • Sleep! Rest! Pulling an all-nighter will not help.

  • And take some time to relax. You might be thinking. ‘Relax? Freaking WHAT now? I can’t- I have to-’
    No, seriously. If you don’t let your brain take some time off, on the day it’s going to be tired and worn out.

Best wishes!

Thank you so much for all the replies. I will get back to y’all if all the tips work!


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