Text command & how to move it

So how does one use the text command thingy (similar to set spotlight format) and is there a way to move it to our liking? (I don’t want it to be in the middle of the screen, it needs to be on the side.) Oh, and, how do you decide who’s sending messages?

Do you mean the text message format? There’s a thread on the issue here, but I can quickly describe the commands.

set format phonetext

Should switch the story into that format.
How to get text on one particular side:


Characters on the left should have gray bubbles on the left side of the screen, and characters on the right should have blue bubbles on the right side of the screen.
I do not think they can be moved in a different way than this, but I am not sure.

Messages are sent using the normal speech command.


^ That text should send a speechbubble from CHARACTER1 (which should appear on the right side of the screen)

Hope this helped!

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Yes, this is what I meant, thank you!

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