Text efect seem to not work right

OK - the code is for blue text, yet (if I am not color blind) I got nice yellow…

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Must be some kind of glitch :thinking: I will see if it works for me!


Hey, so it worked for me! There must be a glitch in your portal :thinking:

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I know the code is right. But my portal glitches in general today so hopefully it will work right soon.

the blue thing is not supposed to be there - like if it inverts colors…


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Maybe cos your device is on dark mode? That’s why its inverting the colours?

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nope its in normal mode as always I havent changed anything. Today it simply glitches.:woman_shrugging:

Yes, maybe a glitch then :relaxed:

I sometimes face this glitch when I’m using an overlay. :slightly_frowning_face:
But it works fine when previewed in the app.

Is it working on the app?

I know its most likely this glitch making bright overlays jus I have never seen the wrong text color before

I’m having the same issues, website loads slow, chars names in white red & yellow and Web previewer lagging.

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Sorry for the late reply! But yeah it surely must be a glitch because my portal is glitching too!