Text Effect Help

I am trying to use the text effects, I literally clicked on them from the options on the side. And I get an error message that states:

No text for formatting ’ italic’. Multiple effects should be comma separated. (ex: | bold, underline | ) Effects are reset at the end by default its not necessary to |reset| at the end

How do I fix this? Pleas help!

Check out:

Good luck!

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I suspect you’re adding in multiple text effects incorrectly.
Here’s a quick guide on text effects:

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thank you :slight_smile:

No, I only had 1 text effect, and I already looked at this and it didn’t help me. However thank you :slight_smile:

Can I see you’re script?

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Hey I was just scrolling through stuff and thought maybe you could help. So when you make the speech bubble bigger will it do it for the scenes before or just after because when i’m previewing its making the speech bubbles bigger before

It shouldn’t affect the speech bubbles before, just the ones after.

It does in the preview

I suggest previewing the story on the app, sometimes the web previewer isn’t reliable:


Let me know

Yeah it doesn’t

It doesn’t change it?
So everything’s working right?

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Looks good. I don’t see an error message.

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I know, because I original had it before, but it doesn’t seem to be changing the text to italic in the web viewer?

The code looks fine. I suggest previewing the story on the app as it’s more reliable. Also, the italic effect doesn’t make too much of a difference tbh. It’s very subtle.