Text effects don't work the way they should?

Hello everyone!

I’m trying to add some text effects to my story, but as you can see in the first example, the ‘italic’-effect leaves the text distorted in some cases. It’s the same with bold or a combo of those two. However, in the second example, everything works just fine. Except for the fact that the first one’s a regular and the second one’s a narrator-bubble, I don’t see any difference between those two. The distortion still occurs when I change the first one into a narrator bubble.

Any ideas on what I might have done wrong?

Don’t put a space between the | and the word in them

Sadly, it doesn’t change anthing, I already tried. And even though I did the exact same in the second example, that one works.

there are some spaces after the | and some not, maybe if you make it all with no spaces at all it’ll sort itself out

Unfortunately, it’s still not working.

You need to put a space between the | after italic and the word leave and do the same with the word alone, (put a space after it)

It doesn’t change anything, either. Hm… Do you think it might be related to the bubbles or something?

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I think the portals are giving trouble…Mine is also giving me problems

Are you testing it on the web previewer or the app previewer? Sometimes the previewers glitch and it’s nothing wrong with your code—any of the ways below work for text effects:

|effect|Text | reset | more text| effect |more text|reset|.

Are there two different web previewers?

Sorry, my mistake. I meant web previewer or app previewer

Oh, sorry, I could’ve thought of that :smiley:
I’m using the web one right now.

Try previewing it on the app previewer. The web previewer can get to be buggy sometimes.

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Thanks, I will!

Sorted itself out, it seems to be the web previewer. Thanks again for your help!

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If you don’t mind me asking - what would the code have to look like if I wanted to add italic to a certain part of a bold sentence?

I want it to look like this.

|bold|This part is bold |bold,italic| and this is bold and italic |bold| but now this is back to only bold.

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Perfect, thanks!

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