Text effects help needed



I’ve tried looking at other people’s example thread, but when I use the example they don’t work when I preview them. Not sure if it’s like the hidden props where you can only see them in the app, but I need help


Here’s the code if you need it


oooh ok so are you writing on your pc or on your phone owo




ok so before the name


put 2


then before all the wording, put1 tab


I am pretty sure you have to do |effect:bold|


no, you don’t


disregard he first one, it has to be like this | bold |
I double checked it on my story and it seems to work.


They are doing it right, they just forgot to put 2 tabs in front of the name and 1 in front of the wording


Okay so this is what I did, I’m obviously doing something wrong coz it still isn’t working lol

LOUISA (talk_angry)
| bold | Wren


That is optional to make it look more organized, in many videos from Joseph Evans he does it the same way. That is how I learned as well


hold on lemme type the code for you so that it works

        LOUISA (talk_angry)
    |bold| Wren


Is the text effect showing up as orange text? (the command)





@lexy19 does it tell you that you have an error in your script? If so, please let me know what it says specifically…


Still not working


No errors at all


Ink or Limelight?


did you preview it?