Text effects help

I don’t understand how to use this lol


You’ll find a list of them on the right side of your desktop, as seen in the image below

You can click on them and they’ll appear on your script.

The general command is:

| text effect | Dialogue

For example:
| bold | Hi people!

Now if you want to only have some words with text effect, you have to reset it.

For example:
| italic | Hi | reset | people!

And if you want to add multiple texts effects, you have to add them in and separate them using commas.

For example:
| bold, italic | Hi people!


Oh thank you! Yeah I understood how, but I had an error come up for it and I can’t figure it out. So I wanted to make sure I was doing it correct and I am but now I’m confused lol

Can I see a screenshot of the error

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this is it.

The text effects need to be typed in BEFORE the text you want to have the effect.


Ohhh! Okay I got you, thank you so much!

Thankyou so much

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Thank You @RudeInception

Amazing. i was triying to figure it out all by myself i was close. THANK YOU

can someone send screenshots of what the text effects look like please

Hi :slight_smile:
I was wondering if it’s possible to preview text effects on the web previewer? :thinking:
Thanks in advance :blush:

Yeah it is.

Oh, thank you :blush:

I’m sorry to bother you, but do you know if I’m doing something wrong here, because it doesn’t show on my web previewer? (I want the @ pamelac.stories to be in bold).

It should work… try removing the spaced from the insides of the word:

| bold |@pamelac.stories| reset |

Even though it shouldn’t matter tbh.

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Thank you :slight_smile: I tried it with other effects and it worked :slightly_smiling_face: I guess the bold effect just isn’t very well visible in the web previewer :woman_shrugging: :thinking:

Possibly the issue. Trust that words will be bold though and always be sure to check out the app previewer as it is always more reliable than the web one.

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