Text Effects isn't working

Okay so when I put a Text effect (I’ve done it before lots of times) Its not working this time and telling me its an error. I don’t know how to screenshot on my computer so I’m going to copy and paste the script :arrow_down_small:

| color:blush , shadow:black , outline:pink | Daddy Little Girls.
| shadow:black , outline:pink , color:silver | Episode 1 New Business Partners.
| shadow:black , outline:pink , color:silver | Sound is important in this story, so please turn your volume up.
| shadow:black , outline:pink , color:silver | CHOICES MATTER!!!
| shadow:black , outline:pink , color:silver, italic| Enjoy
@transition fade out white in 0.8

Is something wrong with it? I need help

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You need to have a character or narrator talking. All you have is just dialogue without a character

Omg Duhh thank you idk why I couldn’t think of that :sweat_smile:

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