Text effects on dialogs?

I want to put text effects on my story but I don’t know how if I need a code or something.

If you want to put a text effect, it’d look like this:

CHAR (talk_greet)
| italic | Hey!

If you want to use multiple text-effects, you’d separate them with commas.

CHAR (scream)
| italic, bold, shake:5 | I said HEY!

All of the different text effects can be found in the right side panel in your writer’s script portal.

thank you so much! And how I do if in a sentence I only want one word to be with text efects?
like: “Hi, how are you today?” let’s say

You would do:

Hi, how are you | italic, bold | today?

If you want it to be in the middle of a sentence, use reset after the effected part:

Hi, how are you | italic, bold | today, | reset | Lucy.
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Okay, thank you so much!!