Text effects- Yes or No?

Hey guys, so i just finished writing the first chapter of my first story and i added some text effects because i think that they’re pretty cool.
But like… i never see colored or animated texts in the community stories so i wondered if y’all just don’t like them.
So to all the readers: How do you like them?
And to all the writers: Do you use text effects? And why?
Or like are you all just too lazy? I need answers ! :slight_smile:


I like them, I don’t have anything against them, even though am not a writer.

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as a writer i like to use italic, occasionally bold and very rarely shaking text.

as a reader, the overuse of text effects is annoying and a bit of an eyesore. in my opinion, they should be used sparingly but effectively.


I like them when used sparingly.
It’s possible for readers to disable text effects in stories and I’ve had to do that once because I really felt like the author overdid it and it was just really annoying and distracting.


As long as they’re not used in every sentence, I love them.

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Thank y’all for your replies! I decided to delete or replace some text effects with less strong ones. I definitely understand the critism of too many effects overwhelming you when reading.

i love them! just don’t go crazy with them lol

As a reader I like them sometimes, to highlight key words or important sentences and as a writer I don’t use them much but I also think they’re good for certain occasions:)

Do you know how to use italic Franklin Gothic Medium?
I’ve seen many authors use it