Text message backgrounds

I’m needing text message backgrounds for my story! I had some made but then realized it had the cellphone company’s logo in the top corner can anyone possibly make me some without any logo on them?!

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I Can what do you want it to say.

These without the at&t at the top ! It can’t have an logo there

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yeah sure what kind

I like the way they maybe just have the dots there?

Hi there!
I’m Sophbee and I would love to help you with it :grinning: Here is an example that I have made before. If you’re interested, let me know! :sparkles:


Hey there! Raven Hood has completed your request, just say if there’s anything that needs changing!

thank you!

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No probs, PM us on here or on our Instagram (episode.diamonds) if you want anymore requests! :grinning:

I was wondering if anyone can make me text backgrounds so when my reader tap the screen the text messages pop up.