Text message backgrounds


I’m needing text message backgrounds for my story! I had some made but then realized it had the cellphone company’s logo in the top corner can anyone possibly make me some without any logo on them?!


I Can what do you want it to say.


These without the at&t at the top ! It can’t have an logo there


yeah sure what kind


I like the way they maybe just have the dots there?


Hi there!
I’m Sophbee and I would love to help you with it :grinning: Here is an example that I have made before. If you’re interested, let me know! :sparkles:



Hey there! Raven Hood has completed your request, just say if there’s anything that needs changing!


thank you!


No probs, PM us on here or on our Instagram (episode.diamonds) if you want anymore requests! :grinning:


I was wondering if anyone can make me text backgrounds so when my reader tap the screen the text messages pop up.