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I’m having trouble adding the SELFIE FEMALE 1. I can add it but the background on the overlay is INT. JUVIE WELLES BEDROOM - DAY but I need it to be as if I am receiving a text message. So preferably white or black background.

Basically, my character has walked in her bedroom and hears her phone go off, then picks it up. Then I was the screen to change to the SELFIE FEMALE 1.

How do I code this?

Instead of using the overlay you could use this: https://ifaketextmessage.com/ and upload it as a background :sparkles:

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SELFIE FEMALE 1 is an overlay
You have to use another background to use it


See I was thinking about that, but I would want it to look like I was receiving texts separately if that makes any sense instead of writing out the full conversation and then uploading it.

Unless there’s a way of doing that.

I am new to episode so I’m still learning.

You can still use that, and do one text at a time you just need to upload multiple backgrounds :sparkles:

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Ah, gotcha!

Thanks :slight_smile:

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