Text Messages Backgrounds

Need a text message(s) background? Then welcome to the right place. Please comment or pm me what you need. I’ll try to get you it in a day or two(or maybe less than an hour) depending on how busy I’m with school or after school clubs.

Here are the details I need:


*Network(for example I named mine EPISODE but you could call ours whatever you want)
*Signal Strength
*Text messages
*Who are you texting it to


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Hi there!
Could I get a background just like that but with no text messages, please and thank you^^

I’ll see if I can give me a few

Like this?

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Yes : )

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Thank you so much!
I’ll credit you like this when this background comes: @keiji from the forums
Or do you want me to credit you another way, like using an IG handle? :thinking::two_hearts:

No that’s ok❤

No, I insist, I must give credit!!! :pleading_face::blue_heart:

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Ok then use my forum username thank you❤

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