Text messages between background characters help

I’m sorry if the title is confusing, I have no other way to word it to make sense, but I can explain what I’m trying to do.
So basically, I have two background characters who will be texting each other in one scene but I already have the main character set as my MC (Haley); is there any way to get one of the background character(s) (Ilya) to be the main character for this messaging scene? Or would I need to do overlays for them?

I think this might be the solution?

Don’t know about the main character part though with changing one character’s text messages to blue or if the right side automatically is always blue (since I literally never use the format), but I guess that first option the user suggested is always an option anyway. :face_with_peeking_eye:


I’ll try doing the first option, thank you for linking the thread :blush:

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No worries!

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