Text Messages in Stories

So In My Story ( my very first one )
My Character is texting someone…
My question is that how do you make like one of those text messages in other stories…
I’m using LL btw…

I kinda know how to do it with ink but not very well not sure if LL is diffrent thou

How tho?
Maybe it will work with LL

These are just recommendation that work where I am its pretty late so Im just gonna put out a few examples

1. Get an phone overlay and put as big as you want it to be or backround of they have one
For the CHARACTER write the name of who you wanna be talking

Add: choice
When you add it remove one part so it looks like this


Lets go out


New Message

choice { [Read Message]

This works for me not surw bout you but you can try it, gotta sleep thou so night :sleeping:

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Also if you want it as like on an actually phone like you would with a friend you"ll have to wait till I have time to explain cause it complicated and Im quite busy or you’ll have to find someone else

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TY Goodnight tho.

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I’m about to finish my guide for texting so when I finish I will link it here :slight_smile:

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There is this website called iFakeTextMessages.com which is perfect for this. You can create a custom convertsation. It’s not really good for long coversations bc you have to create a new background for every new text, but it is perfect for episode once you resize it.

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