Text Overlay Help For Intro!

Okay so I am trying to code my intro to have my text intro come in from the side with my title, and underneath it saying click to continue. How would I code that

OK, I literally have no access to a computer atm so I’ll need you to test for me while I put it together. Bear with me.

  1. Can you give me the name of the background and overlays, also the zone

  2. Place your overlays on screen where you’d like for them to appear and tell me the coordinates

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So the background is called EXT.INTOOUTRO-NIGHT, the text is called INTRO EPISODE 1 and the coordinates for it are 14 215 and scales to 1.864 1.864. The second text is called INTRO WELCOME and the coordinates are 130 171 and scales to 1.000 1.000

Awesome! Now may you move them offscreen to the side of the direction where you want them to come in from and tell me those coordinates (when they’re not on screen)? Also, I highly believe you are in zone 1.

yeah the background is only one zone, and so for INTRO EPISODE 1 its, 340 202 (off to the right side) , and INTRO WELCOME is -196 155 (off to the left side)

EXT.INTOOUTRO-NIGHT with INTRO EPISODE 1 to 1.864 340 215 in zone 1 at layer 1 with INTRO WELCOME to 1.000 -196 171 in zone 1 at layer 1

@zoom reset

&overlay INTRO EPISODE 1 shifts to 14 215 in zone 1 in 3
@overlay INTRO WELCOME shifts to 130 171 in zone 1 in 3

#speechbubble placement code might be needed so your NARRATOR/NARR bubble doesn’t cover the overlays. Just move your speechbubble where you’d like it and copy those coordinates, then place them in your script:

Click to continue.

@speechbubble reset


It works perfect ! THANK YOU SO MUCH ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Aye, no problem :yay:

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