Text overlay needed!

I’m in need of a text overlay that says “Rock Star Madness”!
If any of you would like to make one, let me know!

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do you want a different font?

A different one would be great, thanks so much girl!

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what like genre or like… ya know

Honestly, it really doesn’t matter, but the genre is romance. :slight_smile:

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u like? lol if not, I can do this all day.

I don’t know, lol (sorry if I’m being picky i feel bad)…
but any font would be fine, it doesn’t have to go with the title.

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ok so you want it to say “Rock Star Madness” right?? What color font?

Yeah! Black is fine, again, thank you so much! :slight_smile:

Quick question… Where did you get those fonts?

cool texts

I don’t know how to use it…
It just doesn’t let me select anywhere…

Lol tried making too :joy:

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Something simpler, maybe ?


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This one is perfect! Thank you so much girl!

Woah! These are so cool! I may use them later on, thank you!

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Don’t mention it :grin::heartbeat:

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It’s png, right?

Here is the png one

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Thank you so much!