Text Overlay Required

I needed a text overlay having a handwriting font style
Like below

Kind of this way


What is the text?..I can do it


If possible in pastel blue colour or can you share that font with me

What will be the colour?

Pastel blue


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I have attached 4 types of font …Choose the one u like. If u want a different font let me know

Text Overlays

the last one is beautiful…can I get it with a neon style means with a neon shade but I dont want pastel blue just plain white with shine…thank u so much for helping me

One with normal just like how you’ve done
One all caps

Which app do u use?

What is the name of the last font :sweat_smile:

Charlotte Southern

U can get it online and use the phonto app

Here are 2 more

If u need any other overlay u can PM me :blush::blush: