Text Overlay Written out

Does anyone know how to code a text overlay being written out like this

I have a screen recording but it won’t upload but let me know if u want to see it

Hope the images will sorta help

I can’t visualize it well without a video but I’m just guessing they’d have either each individual letter as a separate overlay or a couple/few letters as separate overlays and then make them appear using opacity commands one after the other.
If you wanted to be a lot more detailed - you could even separate each letter into several sections (overlays) and make each section appear one after the other with opacity commands to create an even better or more realistic “written” effect.

Sometimes I do it that way and other times I cut out the text from a foreground overlay and then shift a colored overlay behind it so the “text” is filled in from whatever direction I choose (if that makes sense lol) however I do think it was the former given the coloration and neon effect.


I’m totally clueless :no_mouth: can you message me on insta I can show u the video to help you visualize it btw thank you I’m quite confused by what your saying so sorry about that :sweat_smile:

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Haha that’s okay, sorry I’m not better at explaining! It’s not one of my strong suits. :smiling_face_with_tear:
I’ll still help and explain as best I can though and I’ll msg you on Insta now.

Edit: it says you can’t receive my messages since you don’t accept msg requests from everyone so if I can’t get through to you, you can msg me. My Insta is the same as my username here.

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alright, I’ll message you now!

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it sounds like it’s a gif which you can use an online splitter you have to upload each individual slide (from splitter) as an overlay, then you code it as a looping overlay. There are a lot of codes for gif intros on the forums.

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Hey can you help me out because I’m pretty sure the other person is busy and I don’t want to keep bothering them

Dm me the video/gif you want split and I’ll split it for you and give you a code template for it.

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Wdym by gif I have an overlay that’s about it :thinking:

If it spells out the words automatically it has to be some sort of gif. Unless you are using several overlays which in that case if you tell me how many there are I can try and give you the code

So this my overlay

I wasn’t sure how it works so I didn’t know I need multiple overlays. I have a video but I’d need to send you it on insta on how I’d like it to be

Yes I need the video so I can split it in to overlays @court_episode is my IG name also

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It’s not a video of mine it’s of someone else’s and mine is not a gif im trying to figure out how to make it one but I don’t know how

can you send me the video?
You want it to type out kind of like this?

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No ill send you the video now on instagram

I tried to send it through IG it wouldn’t let me, is this what you mean?

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This is perfect although it looks more typed out then written but it’s all good :heart:

Let me try a different animation

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If it’s too much for you then it’s okay like this

Firefly (1)

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