Text Overlays (png)

Can someone make a text overlay for me that says " Endless Trouble " . One that’ s black and another one that glows.

Any specific text font? Also, what colors?

something like this. THANK YOU

Can you try the cursive ones. I’m going to look for other fonts. tysm for helping.

Hmmm like this?


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What do you use for this ?

This website:


Although I can’t find an exact one for the “VIBES” word. :cold_sweat:

I’m going to try and look for it. I’ll let you know when i do . ;0

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Cool! I hope I was able to help you.

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The last one. KKSKSK
Is there anyway you can give it to me without the blur part. and Then make one with the blur as a different color ?

what color???

Can i give you the numbers of the color i want that’s from your thread ? It’s 663333

And do you want them separate like one Endless and the other Trouble…or together like that is fine


do you still want the one you requested on my thread?

Well yes.

Can i still have this effect? Black is fine .