Text scene error

So I did a text scene with INT. CELLPHONE - DAY and once I started the story all over again the texts still appeared and all the dialogue in which the char speaks is in the texts. I dont know what to do.

Set format cinematic

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Now it just shows the characters in standing on the screen.

I tried that, thanks for your help tho!

Didn’t you want it to get out of the text format though?

I’m kinda confused is all. Because what Beth said is how you get out of the text format (which is to set it back to cinematic or spotlight depending on which format your story is set in).
Guess you could try testing it again with the “reset story progress” though if you wanted to, but setting the format back to cinematic or spotlight is how you would progress the story without being stuck in text format.

Can you copy and paste/screenshot your script?

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Anything someone could answer with is in that video. Where did you put set format cinematic? That is probably where the problem lies. You should put it at the start or restart the portal/the story in the app. And it should go afterwards to get you out of it.

Hi does anyone know how to correct this error


it says “you can’t have one character immediately following another”

Can i please have some help

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Because you’ve capitalised the YO under SCARLETT, it assumes YO is another character name.

I think adding punctuation (like a !) after the YO it should work. Otherwise, make it Yo instead

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