Texting in Episode

Hey! So I recently uploaded a texting overlay that I created using a website called "I fake text message " which I saw was recommended here on the forums so I thought I wouldn’t have a problem with it, but unfortunately it hasn’t been approved. I received this today:
"Specific reasons are as follows:

  • Contains copyrights or works of authorship of other parties (including excerpts orpassages taken from literary works or television or film)"

And I’m not sure what I should change in the image? Or is the entire imessage interface unusable ? Should I use another website?

*note: I changed Sprint LTE into Episode, and changed iFakeTextMessage.com to Text Message.

As long as you don’t have extras on the top and it looks similar to mine then it’ll get approved. All of mine get approved.

Or you can have the send button at the bottom *

Here’s what mine looks like:

Do you think I should change anything? Remove the bluetooth or something?

It’s the bluetooth.

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you could also use this. then you dont have to uploade text for your story


Thank you! I’ll remove it and see if it gets approved this time.
@line123462 thank you! I’ll use it if it still doesn’t get approved


Woah, you can DO that? Amazing