Texting in stories guide

Tips for texting

OK, so I’ve been texting peeps. And all I have to say is:


I see a lot of texts, and I notice that not all of them have proper grammar, etc.

So, vary with texts. Hey, even give your characters a way that they text if you want to (based on personality if you want)

It’s better because your character’s personality can affect how your character will text the other character. If your character doesn’t care about it that much, your character may text the other character with improper grammar, or your character may make a mistake and send out a word with a typo.

I text a lot of people, and I notice that in real life, they don’t send the perfect texts. It doesn’t matter, tho.

Lol I always make my spell right like: “How are you doing?” I’m don’t really like when they do “How are u doing?” :joy::joy: But you do you lol

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