Texting phone help urgent

someone can help me?

How do I put the choices on my mobile phone to write, read or ignore messages? and the bubble as I do to put the bubble without appearing the character

If you want the round speech bubble to appear but you do not want the character, place to character off screen. Such as if your phone background is zone 1, place the character screen center in zone 2.

and how do I put the choices and the answer?
and how do I put the “ignore” and go back to where the character was? …
do I have to put some code, label or anything?

Can you explain me, please?
Thank you very much for your response.

Should I answer?
Hey, friend!
gain answer_phone
I’m not picking that up.
gain ignore_phone
#Both options will continue here. Gains are optional.

Thanks :heart:

Is “gain” a code?

Gain is a code to remember choice you have made in the past. Gain can be used to refer back to the choice.

Great, thank you very much for the explanation

hey, you know how to put color in the text bubble?
Is it in the help direction?

You can’t color a text bubble in the script. When you are first starting your story if you want purple speech bubble, name your story Demi Lovato. If you want pink speech bubbles, name your story Mean Girls. The default bubble color is blue.

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Hello again can you help me?
When choosing the clothes my character leaves the towel to re-enter the chosen clothes but the character does not appear !!!
I had two sets of clothes and gave … but now I put one more and the character does not appear … :frowning:

It looks like the scene is in zone 1, but you never have her return to zone 1.

@VANESSA111 walks to screen center in zone 3
@VANESSA111 changes into outfit
@VANESSA111 walks to screen center in zone 1

Sorry to the Vanessa I tagged at first.

already got it !!!

you’re the biggest!

Can you tell me how I put the characters running at the same time?

in the background of the school field … wanted to put some to run ahead and othermore back, this is possibel?

You’ll use the & symbol to have them all run at the same time. To get them at slightly different positions just change there spots/positions. Are you trying to do this on a normal background or looping background?

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where do I put the symbol &?
can you give me an example pf?

Oh my god, you know a lot of it, that’s great.
Thank you for helping me, it’s very nice of you.

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So it’s easier since you’ll be using a looping background. So basically do something like this:

&CHARACTER1 stands screen center and CHARACTER1 is run_casual
&CHARACTER2 stands screen left and CHARACTER2 is run_casual
@CHARACTER3 stands screen right and CHARACTER3 is run_casual

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ooooe thanks,

so then I just have to put the code of the spot to put in different positions, right?